Introducing the Page-A-Day Project

Happy new year, and welcome to my resolution hell.

I bought myself a page-a-day calendar for my desk at work — you know, the ones where every morning you tear off yesterday and throw it in the trash as the year crawls inexorably on.  Anyway, tearing off January 1st it occurred to me that the backside of each page is blank (with the exception of annoying “Page-A-Day” logo), and long story short, I vowed to draw something, anything, on the back of each page (weekdays only, no holidays — I’m doing this at work, people) and post it here.  These drawings will be neither well-realized nor expertly executed, but I can promise you one thing:  There will be a lot of them.

So without further ado, let’s get the party known as 2008 started, shall we?

January 2


Yep, this pretty much sums it up.  Even the weather was pissy and bitter.

 January 3


I call this “Friday, 4:42” — a little Man Ray, a little Stuart Davis, and a whole lot of CRAP — God, this was a dumb idea.

 Just kidding!  See you Monday for more Page-A-Day madness and perhaps a little info on my new book.



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