January 8: While You Were Silkscreening Your Reversible Hillary-Obama Tee

..I was kickin’ it at my desk, drawing this:


Don’t you love springtime?  Especially when it comes in January.  I took my lunch break in a two-piece, y’all!

Notice that today’s drawing features a bonus scrap of doodle ripped from my to-do-list.  Slightly less dramatic than “ripped from the headlines, ” it is true.  Like the shag?

Okay, and I promise I’ll post some info on my book, Infandum…ad Infinitum!, tomorrow.  Simmer down, fanbase!

 Edited to add: Totally unrelated, but Best Thing Ever:


Viva los Democratos!  What do you suppose is in Tipper’s styrofoam cup?


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