February 5: Personality Test

feb52.jpgWhich box is your favorite?  Post in the comments and I will reveal Your Hidden Truth. Naturally, none of these say anything about me — that would be insane.



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11 responses to “February 5: Personality Test

  1. jim d.

    I’m going with the ‘Hola’ bird.

    You thought I was going to pick the boobies, didn’t you?

  2. the hola bird.

    followed by Gruel

  3. tyrnyx

    I did! You’re full of surprises.

    You Chose: Hola Parakeet

    Your Hidden Truth: You are a bilingual and brightly-plumed obsessive compulsive. And you might be gay (for not choosing the boobies – it’s automatic, sorry).

    Any other takers?

  4. tyrnyx

    OK, that was for Jim.

    Amy, Your love of gruel & parakeets together bespeak your twin megalomania and ghettosity.

    And you are gay.

  5. carlton

    The one with the gaspy egg thingie.

  6. tyrnyx

    You have many dark secrets.

  7. jim d.

    Thanks for the insight. Here I was attempting to appear all high-minded for not picking boobies but it’s come back to bite me. I think everyone likes boobies – I’ve had a gay friend (who dated women way back before he came out): “You know, I’m definitely gay, and I definitely like guys, and I don’t want to be with women anymore, but sometimes I just really miss tits.” So there you have it.

  8. sherry

    the stack of cookies, please.

  9. soni

    I think there is a portion representing every part of our lives

  10. Sanya

    The icecube melting followed by the paperairplane.

  11. the on with wavy hair with a bow in it relates to me.

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