March 14: Obligatory St. Paddy’s Post

Hey boozebags!  How was your St. Patrick’s Day?  Mine was suspiciously non-green and sober, as  I do my bit to flout convention.

 Anyhoo, here’s my drunken little leprachaun. mar14.jpg



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4 responses to “March 14: Obligatory St. Paddy’s Post

  1. tyrnyx

    BUY IT! one dollah!

  2. As a first-generation Irish-American, I feel obligated to tell you that I am Officially Offended by your comic’s reckless use of tired stereotypes about my people.

    In compensation for your vicious affront to my sensibilities, I will accept in-kind donations to my new charity, Jameson for James. You know where to send the bottles.

  3. dude. it’s already spring, good friday, and full moon. st. paddy’s was like a week ago.

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