March 21/Illustration Friday: “Pet Peeves”

Hey y’all.  Sorry for the extended absence.  I’ve got, like, stress fractures and stuff…which, while not technically preventing me from posting, are suffiiciently depressing to do so.  There is much wallowing to do, but first:


This has been happening to me with alarming regularity lately.

 My other pet peeve is when you train for a marathon and end up hurting yourself right before the race.  Doncha hate when that happens?



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4 responses to “March 21/Illustration Friday: “Pet Peeves”

  1. Cool one! sorry about your situ… hope you feel better!

  2. ahahahaha!!! and she wears a beret and is a coupon clipper! awesome, molly! and awww….you’ll marathon again! here’s to a speedy recovery! :))

  3. so the economy is so bad people have returned to writing checks again? hmmmm……………..

  4. I love this illustration! You’ve captured that moment, we’ve all experienced! Great Job! Take care of yourself! Get Better Wishes Sent Your Way!

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