Miss me?

Do not forsake me, oh my darling…readers!  I know it’s been a slow couple of weeks here around the old Mollywood ranch, to say the least.  Between the psychological distress related to my crushed marathon dreams (I’m not dramatic at all, oh no, not me)and being incredibly busy doing exciting things (one of which I’ll get to momentarily), the Page-A-Day Project has been given the short shrift.  I resolve to get back on the wagon with more useless doodles soon.

But first — a sneak preview of my next project, a webcomic collaboration with talented comics scribe Jim DouganHow I Lost My S#?! at the Apple Store.  Come on, people –how can you resist a title like that?  Stay tuned to ChemSet April 15th when the first part, uh, ‘drops’ (is that how the kidz put it these days?).

 Okay, more from me soon.  I swear! 


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One response to “Miss me?

  1. jwlaw

    Welcome back we missed you.

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