How Everyone Lost Their S#?! Reading A Comic About Losing One’s S#?! At The Apple Store

Now that the story is complete and controversy is raging over at Gizmodo and God knows where else, the time has finally come for me to post the link to the completed Apple Store saga.  Here it is!  Proceed with caution if you’re headed to the comments, boys and girls.  18+ only — there’s some salty language.  Just kidding.  “Douche” isn’t officially a swear, right?

And if you’re visiting via Whitney’s Pop Candy shout-out last week, greetings to you as well!


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6 responses to “How Everyone Lost Their S#?! Reading A Comic About Losing One’s S#?! At The Apple Store

  1. Eli

    I noticed James hasn’t really made a public statement about this anywhere, and indeed seems impossible to contact. Unfortunately comments have been closed on the site.

    I’m honestly interested if there’s another side to this story. I can understand some anger and frustration to begin with, but to maintain it long enough to produce this quite well-written and nicely illustrated comic kind of blows me away.

  2. Torx T8

    What kind of comment can he make? Nothing he can say or do will change the fact of how he supposedly acted. The best thing he can do is lay low for a few weeks and hope this does not become the next internet meme.

    Frankly, he deserves every comment that’s directed at him. Not only did he yell at someone just doing there job, he went so far as to make a 8 page comic about it.

  3. Darcy

    Having mulled this over a little, I’ve realised that probably the one diatribe Jim should be most ashamed of is his dig about the validity of associate degrees.

    What an old-fashioned, classist, knee-jerk statement; Like a bigot just repeating things his father used to say about the hired help.

    Does Jim think that education isn’t a natural right for single parents, sole-earners, children of low income families and the disadvantaged in general?

    And does he think that having the cash to waste on an overpriced lifestyle aid/personality replacement somehow makes you a more important member of society? A leader among men?

    And what, don’t “proper” universities teach you about screwdrivers?

    One bumpy consumer experience and suddenly Jim thinks he’s Denis Leary or something…

  4. tyrnyx

    Hey all,
    this isn’t Jim’s website, just so you know… so this may not be the most constructive place to have this discussion.

  5. Torx T8

    Care to post his website so the masses of intellegent people who know where to get tools from can continue to berate and humilate him?

    I mean, its justified right? He did say in the first page he is not one of those “Type A assholes” Yet he apparently acted as one for the next 7 pages.

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