Oh, Boy!

Allow me to introduce my new minicomic, Infandum! #3

(Yes, that’s me on the cover)

Infandum #3 includes eight short & sweet new stories, including TWO “Great Moments In Baseball”, as well as new “Rules of Romance”, “My Health Regimen”, and “Repressed Memory Theatre” episodes. 

You can get it for a mere $2 by emailing me at lawless.molly-at-gmail.com, or– far more exciting and interactive — come by my table at SPX this weekend, October 4 and 5!  I think my table’s near Fantagraphics’ so if you’re sick of standing in line to get at their awesome stuff, do pop by.  There will be candy.



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4 responses to “Oh, Boy!

  1. mimangesh

    i like the style of the cover good one

  2. amy

    Jimmy Carter is not low carb.

  3. tyrnyx

    true dat. he’s also 0% wholegrain.

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