SPX ’08

Hello to everyone visiting my site via SPX this past weekend.  The show was a lot of fun, and it was great chatting with all of you.  If you just dug my card or one of my comics out of your pile of SPX stuff and don’t remember me, allow me to reintroduce myself via this frightening  photograph:

Yeah, I look totally bonkers.  Fear not, I’ve fired both my photographer and my stylist.  Anyway, thanks for stopping by! I’ve got some exciting things planned for the upcoming weeks so watch this space, as they say.  I’m going to be serializing part two of The Turning of the Worm online starting October 23rd and continuing for as many Wednesdays in a row as it takes.  Since any of you that read Part One (“Arise, Zombie!”) probably have forgotten it by now I’m going to post a page of that daily starting tomorrow, leading up to the 23rd.

Additionally, I’m starting a new feature called Thing of the Week.  Very creative and descriptive title, no?  You can read more about it at the link to the right (under “Pages”, or here.  Thing of the Week starts tomorrow, October 7th.

And here’s a sample story taken from my latest minicomic (Infandum! #3, for those keeping track),  if you didn’t get a chance to pick it up.  Enjoy! 



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4 responses to “SPX ’08

  1. Rob Clough


    It was so lovely to meet you at SPX! I’m looking forward to reading your comics.

    –Rob Clough, sequart.com

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  3. Hi Molly, great to meet you at SPX. Did a very brief write up about Infandum #3 here: http://www.robotmartini.com/community/viewpost/816

    (slowly churning through all the books I got at the show)


  4. tyrnyx

    Hey Gavin! It was great meeting you too — thanks for the mini review.

    Rob — awesome to meet you, at long last. Enjoy Infandum #3.

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