Autumnal Cliches, Day Two: Apples

Specifically, having a buttload of them.

Oh, speaking of seasonal cliches, I furnished my table at SPX with a bowl of candy corn — I’m not beyond bribery, obvs.  You would think I laid out a tray of madeleines… everyone who ate one seemed to have a massive flashback.  “One time…[story involving candy corn, told with twinge of wistful regret/wicked glee]…sigh.”  Very rewarding.  To that end, feel free to post your recollections of the “corn” (wtf?) in the comments.

See you later for page 3 of the Worm.



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2 responses to “Autumnal Cliches, Day Two: Apples

  1. (wistfully) I used to press corn candy up my nostrils and go gagagoobleky!!! at my sisters…

  2. tyrnyx

    Very nice. I was just told that they’re shaped that way because they’re fangs? Can this be true?

    I used to nibble off one color at a time, thinking they were different flavors. How naive I was.

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