Dudes in Line: Day Three

A few notes on this particular Dude in Line:

First of all, this guy was incredibly tall.  And I am used to tall men (hi, Dad!).  His height was staggering.

Second:  He was wearing the longest tie I’ve ever seen.  Can you buy ties in the Big & Tall stores?  It was seriously like 5 feet of of blinding blue silk.  The blue was intense, perhaps only because of the tie’s sheer length.  Then he takes out his cellphone:  it’s the exact same color blue.   So it’s apparently his signature color.  Diagnosis: Democrat.



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2 responses to “Dudes in Line: Day Three

  1. carlton

    I know that guy! His name, interestingly enough, is Bluey McLongtie.

  2. jwlaw

    color of the tie was blueberry. he doesnt seem very tall to me!!

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