Dudes in Line, Day Four: She-Dudes

Of course, girls need their coffee too…

The girl on the left really did look like some kind of bizarre living update of an Egyptian wall painting — all dramatic angles (and, let’s just say it — a great bag).  She seemed sort of miserable, perhaps because her cappuccino took six hours to make.  The one on the right was her polar opposite:  low maintenance and suspiciously happy.   Based on mood assessment and taking into consideration the latest polling data, I’ll put Ms. Red Bag in the conservative camp; Lil’ Miss Sunshine with the Dems.

Thus concludes this rip-roaring week of Dudes in Line.  Check back tomorrow for the next installment of Turning of the Worm:  The Book of Bones and an announcement about the next Thing of the Week!



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2 responses to “Dudes in Line, Day Four: She-Dudes

  1. Amy

    I need more dudes in line. please don’t conclude this series. it’s genius. i feel like you’re just getting your groove on with this. These people are insane freaks and they’re amazing.

  2. tyrnyx

    oh, they’ll be back soon, have no fear.

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