Thing of the Week: Humiliating Halloween Costumes [day 1]

Or, How To Get Your Kids Taken Away From You Next Halloween.

We’ve all seen people in “bad idea” Halloween costumes.  In fact, one or two of you may have actually sported them yourselves, in your foolish youth.  I generally liked to keep the costume classy then embarrass myself at the party with my actions rather than my appearance, but that’s just me.  Anyway, when an adult or adult-type person wears a completely stupid costume, it was their choice, and they have only themselves to blame when their Sexy Witch unitard splits up the middle in 35 degree weather and they have no money for a cab because Sexy Witches don’t carry purses. 

But kids – specifically babies – well, hell, you can put them in anything!  They’re barely sentient All Hallow’s Props.  You see parents carrying their infant blobs around dressed as a blobby pumpkin or a blobby puppy, with their confused face peeking out, and yeah, they’re cute, but come ON — how about some originality, some imagination?

And with that long-winded intro I bring you day one,  Ice Cream Cone:


Warning:  These are going to get worse.  A lot worse.



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2 responses to “Thing of the Week: Humiliating Halloween Costumes [day 1]

  1. jwlaw

    Is this a red state or blue state costume? Are those sprinkles or jimmies? Very yummy.

  2. tyrnyx

    We are all blue states now. HA HA!

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