Humiliating Halloween Costumes: Turd [day 4]

Or, How To Get Your Kids Taken Away From You Next Halloween.

And now, the one you’ve all been waiting for:


Parents, feel free to steal my idea.  You’re welcome!

Tune in tomorrow when your long nightmare of horrifying babies will be a distant memory, and you can enjoy a new installment of the Turd– ‘scuse me, Turning of the Worm: The Book of Bones and an announcement about the next Thing of the Week!



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4 responses to “Humiliating Halloween Costumes: Turd [day 4]

  1. Jim D.

    Stay classy, Lawless!

  2. tyrnyx

    You know I will!

  3. jwlaw

    come on say it aint a turd. that’s a hershey kiss.

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