Fresh-Baked Monday: “Just A Little Crush”

Any of you listen to the Slate Political Gabfest?  If so, skip to the comic. 

If not, well, it’s a podcast about political goings-on that I nerdishly and slavishly download and listen to every week.  The three people I mention in the comic are the hosts, one of whom, as you will see, is my Very Special Favorite.  I’m sure he’ll be taking out a Very Special restraining order against me if he ever sees this.  Oh, what an honor it will be.  I’ll do a comic about it, I promise. 

And you all thought my comics about the deadball era and recovered childhood memories were esoteric and inaccessible!  You ain’t seen nothin’ yet:justacrush_sm

The Thing of the Week for December 2-5 will start tomorrow and the theme is Baseball Players That Never Existed.  See you then!



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3 responses to “Fresh-Baked Monday: “Just A Little Crush”

  1. carlton

    Oh, I wasn’t leaving you because of John Dickerson. I was just leaving you.

  2. tyrnyx

    Oh [blank stare].

  3. Amy

    i’m afraid of you now.

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