Baseball Players That Never Existed [day 4]

“Lightnin'” Jones


Yeah, it wasn’t his baserunning.

A programming note:  New updates of “The Turning of the Worm” are on temporary hiatus…but don’t worry, it’ll be back, most likely mid-January.  Watch this space, etc.

Next week’s Thing of the Week: Awkward Moments.  Tune in Monday for some skin-crawlin’ fun!



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4 responses to “Baseball Players That Never Existed [day 4]

  1. carlton

    An early failed experiment with the aluminum bat . . .

  2. Carol

    i know a good awkward moment for you….my story from last week.

  3. tyrnyx

    carlton: har har
    cm: oh my god, it’s prob your fault I have “awkward moments” on the brain!

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