Fresh Baked Friday: Koala Kuvee!

Hey, didja know I design wine labels?


Well, I designed this one, anyway.  Spoiler Alert: This wine does not actually exist. 

Recently I heard some wine experts on Fresh Air talking about how all wine with animals on the label should be avoided, as they are uniformly bad.  Way to kill the buzz, guys.  I’m certainly no stranger to Yellowtail (in case you’re curious, an excerpt from my tasting notes on their Shiraz:  “Aggressively jammy”*) and its brethren, so it inspired me to put this one together. Originally I was going to depict  the koala riding a bicycle (which seems to be another wine label cutesy-pants favorite) but, ugh.  Bicycles are pains in the butt to draw.  And who wouldn’t want to stare at this festive fellow while drowning their sorrows celebrating the season?

*I don’t actually have Yellowtail tasting notes.  Just to be clear.

I’ll only be posting through Tuesday next week, due to this Christmas situation.  Check back in Monday for the Thing of the (Abbreviated) Week!



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5 responses to “Fresh Baked Friday: Koala Kuvee!

  1. carlton

    I burst out laughing when I saw this. I really did.

  2. tyrnyx

    (sobbing) I can’t believe you don’t take my new career as a pretend shitty wine label designer seriously!

  3. Jim L

    I’m parital to fake red wine. Can I order some Shiraz?

  4. tyrnyx

    HAHA!! I’ll see what I can do.

  5. Jim D.

    It seems like there’s a caveat for every declarative statement in this post. What is fact? What is fiction? If I can’t trust what I read on the internet, what can I trust?

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