Fresh-Baked Friday: “Let’s Play A Game!”

As you know, here on my blog I’m all about elevating the discourse.

With that in mind I present some Snow Day Shenaniganz with my as-yet unnamed and extremely derivative lil’ urchins, now with Canine Sidekick.  Enjoy!


See you Monday!



Filed under Urchins

6 responses to “Fresh-Baked Friday: “Let’s Play A Game!”

  1. You are so twisted in all the best ways.

  2. tyrnyx

    Aw, thanks!!

  3. Now when i comment, my face is there! HOW COOL!

  4. nevermind! im still learning!

  5. tyrnyx

    You’re looking particularly geometric today, CM.

  6. carlton

    Molly, with you
    It’s one of two
    If not pee
    It must be poo

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