Fresh-Baked Saturday: “Antidisestablishmentarianism”

A brand-new Repressed Memory Theatre. I realize he more of these I do, the more ridiculous I appear.  Oh, well.  Three cheers for self-flagellation!antidis_sm12



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7 responses to “Fresh-Baked Saturday: “Antidisestablishmentarianism”

  1. Michelle

    Haha! I remember that so clearly! Naturally, I, being the humble, non-competitive child that I was, could not let my younger cousin do something I couldn’t do. I needed to learn to spell it. If you thought you were insufferable…..

  2. jwlaw

    oh the memories!! Nice job. The book was a classic.

  3. amy

    oh my god. Mr. Cahill!!!!!

  4. tyrnyx

    Glad you all liked it!

    Michelle, I was by far the most insufferable. It was, after all, my idea.

    Dad– I have the book here. I “borrowed” it! Everytime I open it, no matter what page, I’m completely overwhelmed by flashbacks.

    Amy..i know, I havent thought of him in ages. Remember when we were driving back from the book fair once and we thought we saw his car pulled over by a cop? — I think Michelle was with us too. Scandal! (or what passed for one at the time)

  5. OH MY GAWD. Didn’t they make you go around to the other classrooms to spell in front of the rest of us dolts, too? Or maybe it was family parties…? Hmmm.
    (So is that Michelle K in the front row there?)

  6. tyrnyx

    It’s YOU, Sharon! (well, a completely incompetent likeness)You were there, man — my famous ’83/’84 1st Grade Spelling Tour of Awesomeness. Barf!

  7. OH! Ha ha ha! Oh, my. Yes, I admit, I was horribly jealous.
    As for the likeness — well, I’ve never actually seen the back of my head, so… it probably is just that cute and I’ll never know! (Sob!)

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