Back in the saddle, y’all

Thanks to everyone who came by the table at MoCCA this past weekend.  It was a really fun show even though I’m still working on replenishing  lost electrolytes (that’s nerd for “It was really freaking hot in there”).

Here I am with my tablemate (Co-tabler? Entabler?) Sharon Furgason:


Obviously this pic was taken before we started “glowing”.

Then I went to Boston and got a manicure with the lil’ sis (appropriately, the same lil’ sis who is featured giving me a mani on the cover of Infandum! #4.  Wow, I didn’t even plan that.):


I’m mad because she’s so much cuter than I am.

Have I posted the cover of Infandum! #4?  I think not.  Here it is:


As always, email  me for ordering info.  It’s $2.00 for 13 pages, jam-packed with cross-hatching and laffs. 

So, back to work!



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2 responses to “Back in the saddle, y’all

  1. sherry

    I’d like a copy please! I’ll buy you a drink when next I see you!

  2. Shaz

    Yup, that’s two hot ladies, right there.

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