Meet Otis Lambeth


I have a three-foot wide panorama of the 1920 Cleveland Indians team photo (printed from the internet and taped together) hanging over my drawing table, because I am a Master Decorator.  OK, it’s actually reference/inspiration for this Ray Chapman-Carl Mays book I’m slogging through.

When I come up for air, I end up spacing out on one player or another so I’ve started doodling them.  Today, I present the venerable Otis Lambeth.  So much of this project has turned into research detours on these guys who as basically forgotten.  Otis, for example, played for three years, served in some capacity in World War I, and went back to Kansas and became a postal carrier after his not-terribly illustrious baseball career.

The weird thing about old Otis is, his final game for the Indians was April 24, 1918.  Which begs the question, what’s he doing in the 1920 team picture?  What a scamp.  It’s possible he was just working out with the team in the preseason before getting knocked back down to the minors and ended up in the photo.  Who knows…

Back to work.  God, it’s a wonder I get anything done.  Thanks for the diversion, Otis.



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3 responses to “Meet Otis Lambeth

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  2. Ken

    Hello I I used your fantastic illustration of Otis Lambeth from your ” Meet Otis Lambeth, Forgotten Cleveland Indians, Horray For Mollywood Blog” on his Find A Grave memorial # 36038530, so please check it out at Find A Grave .com using the memorial number, and let me know if this is alright with you or not. I will remove it ASAP if it isn’t!

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