R.I.P., Michael Jackson [In Memoriam]

No matter what you may have thought of the man he was, if you don’t have at least one positive memory associated with his music, you are a soulless zombie.   Which  is worse than just a regular zombie.




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4 responses to “R.I.P., Michael Jackson [In Memoriam]

  1. Jim L.

    Nice drawing it captures the spirit of his music. What no Farah tribute?

  2. tyrnyx

    I’m afraid Charlie’s Angels was before my time. I wouldn’t hold your breath waiting for my big Ed McMahon tribute post, either!

  3. Jim L.

    Does that mean Billy Mays also has no shot?

  4. Amy

    Not bad molly. The mourning wagon has just begun. Off to write 55 MJ sonnets!

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