Meet Ray “Slim” Caldwell [Forgotten Cleveland Indians]


Oh, I could go on all day about Slim Caldwell.  He was struck by lightning the first time he pitched for the Cleveland Indians — and finished the game.  He was a little too fond of booze — okay, he was a stone drunk — so to ensure he’d be sober on days he pitched, his manager (Tris Speaker) had it written into his contract that he was required to get as inebriated as possible after each game he pitched, and was not to report to the ballpark the day after.  Apparently this bizarre arrangement worked.  Way to think outside the box, Spoke.

Anyway, Slim became a telegrapher for a railroad (ah, these quaint old-timey occupations) after his 12-year baseball career ended, and lived into his seventies.



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4 responses to “Meet Ray “Slim” Caldwell [Forgotten Cleveland Indians]

  1. carlton

    In the days before the telephone, could you drunk-telegraph?

    “A telegram at three in the morning? <>”

  2. carlton

    In the brackets was supposed to be: WHAT ARE YOU WEARING STOP RAY

  3. tyrnyx

    Harrumph. How dare you sully Slim’s sacred drunken memory?!

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