Let Them Eat Braaaiins! [Happy Bastille Day]

I know, this zombie thing is SO played out…but,bastilleday_sm um…I drew this,  so you have to look at it:



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5 responses to “Let Them Eat Braaaiins! [Happy Bastille Day]

  1. Jim L.

    At first I thought it was another tree drawing but upon further glance this is definately not a tree.

  2. tyrnyx

    Mais non, mon pere! Ceci n’est pas un…how you say…”tree”. C’est une ZOMBIE.

  3. Jim L.

    Let them eat healthcare err…… I mean cake.

  4. amy

    Don’t you think she should be even bustier? H AHHAHHAHA

  5. tyrnyx

    perhaps they deflated in the grave.

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