Meet Steve O’Neill [Forgotten Cleveland Indians]


In truth,  Stephen Francis O’Neill (yes, a good Irish-Catholic boy — how could you tell?), catcher,  is not nearly as “forgotten” as the other chaps I’ve been drawing and posting here.  He played for 17 years, managed for 14, and was respectable at both.  Most of what I know about these guys befor I draw them is pretty much relegated to what happened in 1920, for example, I knew Steve’s wife had twins during that season.  What I didn’t know (and just saw on wikipedia) is that TWO of his daughters married major league ballplayers.  God, I hope it was the twins!

Anyway, one of said unions was between a Miss O’Neill and a Mississippian shortstop named Skeeter who played shortstop on a team Steve was managing.  That’s all I’ll say about that.


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