Um…Happy Friday! [Sketchbook]

Here’s a quick sketch from a photo of my Dad and me (maybe? Or my sister?) back in the wild and crazy ’70’s:073109_dad

As for the rest, uh…enjoy!


Work is dumm.


This one’s called “Giant Camera”.


And this one’s called “Shut Up [But Classy].”



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3 responses to “Um…Happy Friday! [Sketchbook]

  1. Art Haupt

    Hi Molly Lawless,

    Remembering your bio of the lovably irascible Ty Cobb…a recent book review “Cooperstown Confidential”…

    Your drawings look real good! Myself, I’m still with the DC Conspiracy. Regards, –Art Haupt

  2. tyrnyx

    Hey, Art– thanks for stopping by! I’m definitely going to check out that book, especially since I’ve been hard at work on a book about a couple of players who (incidentally, and somewhat controversially) never made it into the Hall. Thanks for the link!

  3. Jim L.

    With all that hair on that guy I’ll bet the mystery baby is M.A.L.
    Also notice the 70’s length shorts.
    Great drawings.

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