In Which I Win A Contest [“Stephen Metcalf”]

Lookee here,  I won a drawin’ contest at Slate! Obviously my life is now complete, and my grand plan of fusing my life with my favorite podcasts is slowly coming to fruition.  Here’s my winning entry, which will make zero sense to anyone who doesn’t listen to the Slate Culture Gabfest, but, hey, your loss:


Thanks to all that voted!



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8 responses to “In Which I Win A Contest [“Stephen Metcalf”]

  1. Jim L.

    your fan’s are so proud!!

  2. Congrats! I follow the ‘fest, was reminded of your drawing today and the image search led me here. What did your prize turn out to be?

  3. Great representation of the Mr. Metcalf! Hilarious, because it’s true!

  4. tyrnyx

    Thanks Eric! He was an inspiring subject, I have to say…

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  7. peter jaspan

    i am an avid listener to Slate’s Culture Gabfest. I listen to it because i find that it introduces me to movies or books or cultural phenomena that I have yet to explore. I also get new insights on music/books or other cultural phenomena that i have already explored. I am a professional musician/saxophonist and composer by profession – and I find the Gabfest a total delight in so many ways. I keep a pencil and paper handy when i am listening on my iPhone- always ready to make a note of the ‘next thing’ to read/watch or listen to. I enjoy the level of erudition and wit that the presenters have. However, (and i am hesitant to say this, but i will), i sort of cringe when Steven Metcalf talks. Not always, but often ! i think that this has to do with my sense that Steven reminds me of people i have known in my life who are snobby and socially awkward and very invested in ‘being clever’. Julia and Dana – and the other guests from time to time – seem relaxed and naturally witty, whereas Steven seems to ‘try to hard’ and sometimes has a nasty and judgemental edge. This is a pity. Perhaps it is because he feels responsible for the show because he is, after all, the main presenter – or perhaps is it a ‘male-ego’ thing ? He is obviously incredibly well educated and literate and intelligent – I just wish he could relax a bit

  8. Joel in HK

    That is absolutely brilliant. You deserved a win with that one.

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