Surly McScrapperson [Farm Dramz]


Yeah, I know it looks like she’s wearing Uggs.  Sorry, world.

Also, did you know chickens are in?  The New Yorker says so, so it must be true.  As usual I’m ahead of the trend (by, like, a day).



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2 responses to “Surly McScrapperson [Farm Dramz]

  1. sherry

    I want an Eglu so bad! I’ve been obsessed with getting chickens forever. Also bees.

    I really like your chicken picture. Does Surly also own a bad-tempered goat?

  2. tyrnyx

    I want an Eglu too!! I dare not even google it because I know it will be more adorable than I can stand.

    Surly probably has a grouchy goat. Perhaps he’ll make an appearance eventually.

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