Sometimes I Draw From Photos [Figure Drawing]

…without knowing who I’m drawing.

I open up the New Yorker, see a photo I liked, and draw it.  Then I get around to reading the article the photo went with, and it turns out this is the girl with whom this whole Roman Polanski 30-year-old rape/drugging/fugitive situation started.  So I’m feeling a little yucky but… oh well.  Incidentally, she now thinks he should be freed.  Oh, and the “nothing sensational” was how he described her after their initial meeting.  Yup, he sounds like a CLASS ACT.  Interesting article, though.

Palatte-cleansing reindeer tomorrow!



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7 responses to “Sometimes I Draw From Photos [Figure Drawing]

  1. Jim D.

    Now we all feel gross. READ BEFORE SKETCHING


  2. Shazzmatazz

    Ok, ew — but, a gorgeous drawing anyhow.

  3. That came out great. She really shines.

    I once stumbled on this photo of a family. The head of this household had such an ora of evil and the rest of the family seemed so drained by him, that I just had to paint them. Turns out it was Dick Cheney and Family from 1978. It came out great.

  4. amy

    in other words the preteen was NOT WORTH IT?

  5. Jim L.

    Great drawing. Wow Cheney bashing is everywhere. It is spelled aura defined in Webster as a distinctive air or quality.

  6. tyrnyx

    Now, now…we’re trying to maintain this site as a safe space for Cheney bashers!

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