Medusa [Hey, Good Lookin’!]

Hey, who’s your favorite Gorgon?  Whose glam shot from Gorgon Beat did you have tacked on your wall as a teen?  You can have your Stheno and Euryale (yeah just totally got that from the Wikipedia page), I’ll take their mortal sister:

I believe this hot mama rounds out my promised seven days of posting in a row, but since I’m all about exceeding expectations and love you all so much, I’m a-gonna round out the week.  You’re WELCOME!



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5 responses to “Medusa [Hey, Good Lookin’!]

  1. I love Medusa! The Science Museum had a “Mythical Creatures” exhibit a couple of years ago. Gorgons galore – it was awesome!

  2. tyrnyx

    Ooh, that sounds like a fun exhibit. Thanks for the comment, Cori! 🙂

  3. amy

    Whoa. I’m stone ovah here!

  4. More Greek Mythology please! 🙂

  5. CML

    I went to that exhibit! they had a real life medusa head! …..

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