The Test Of Time [Allegory Comics]

Just a  little something Ol’ Garnish Eater and I came up with over dranks .  [Just kidding, we weren’t actually “Slowing Our Roll”.. although I won’t lie, a case of Drank would be welcomed on my doorstep here in Blizzardtown, USA.  I bet they taste delicious blended with snow.]  Enjoy!


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5 responses to “The Test Of Time [Allegory Comics]

  1. Jim D.

    If the moral of the story is “nekkid wimmenz > clothed wimmenz” then you have my hearty endorsement, madam.

  2. carlton

    The moral of the story is WE LIVE AND DIE ALONE, BITCHES!!!

  3. tyrnyx

    I believe what we were getting at is that art that’s bastardized to sell won’t stand the test of time. Dunno if it’s actually true, but sounds good, huh?

    Also, nekkid wimmenz iz gud. 🙂

  4. I love how the artist has a bottle in the first two panels.

  5. tyrnyx

    Hey, that’s how we artists roll. (Cool blog, by the way!)

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