Jeans On Tree [The Long Run: Day One]

As several readers are already aware (and as the rest of you are about to learn..oh, the suspense!), I’m in the midst of training for the Boston Marathon.  Yesterday I had the distinct pleasure (a term I’m using as loosely as it is possible to use a term) to run twenty (yes, 2-0) miles in the mostly pouring rain.  When you’re out on a twenty-mile run, the only thing keeping you on the right side of sanity (especially when your earphones have become waterlogged) is the scenery.  Lucky for me, yesterday was a banner day in the Washington, D.C.- environs for some seriously weird shizz-peeping.  And lucky for YOU, I’ve doodled up some of them and will post them this week.

First, Jeans On Tree.

Any questions?


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