Fish In Crosswalk [The Long Run: Day Three]

No matter how many eternal and rainy 20-milers I may suffer through, though myriad stress fractures may sideline me, and lo the many plantar fasciitis flare-ups  that may hobble me, I will always love running because it gave me this:

Just kidding.  All that crap sucks and I’d have to see a Yeti on the National Mall to make them worthwhile.  BUT!  Fish In Crosswalk was indeed a magical moment.  Near the  Tidal Basin, but  not near enough to make any sense, I crossed the street to find this fellow staring up at me.  I looked at the car stopped for me for an explanation, but there was none.    D.C.’s waterways are flooded, but this guy was a real overachiever.  Unless it fell out of someone’s shopping bag.  As my très outdoorsy husband put it:  “A fish in the crosswalk?  You mean, like a supermarket fish?”


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4 responses to “Fish In Crosswalk [The Long Run: Day Three]

  1. Jim L

    Maybe the fish came from the Tsunami that missed Hawaii.

  2. Jim D.

    Oh, how I love these posts. Hopefully our pleasure makes your pain worthwhile.

  3. tyrnyx

    I dunno, this fish looked like a definite Atlantic East Coaster. You know: serious, pallid, a little standoffish.

    @Jim D: Hey, anything for my fans. Ain’t no mountain high enough, &c.

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