Octo-Stump [The Long Run: Day Four]

Friends, I’m going to let you in on a little secret.  In my experience, after eighteen miles of running, no matter how many Gu’s/SportBeanz you’ve housed, things tend to get a little dicey.  As in — how shall I put this — hallucinatory.  Thinking back, this could probably be explained by dehydration.  True factoid: .0001% of D.C.’s water fountains work.  At least the ones on my running routes.   And yet, do I a) bring water or b) vary my route?  Ha, ha — hell, no!  But I digress.  Around mile eighteen I glanced at the edge of the trail and saw an octopus, y’all!  See??

Orrr…maybe just a stump.  It sorta looks like an octopus, right?  Sigh.

Who needs psychotropics, right?  High five!


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