Haunch-O-Rama [Ballplayer Butts]

Look, a Random Pic from my graphic-non-fictive-novel-in-progress.  Or, as you might know it, my book.  Once again, without context (It’s better for everyone that way).

After reading this admirably straightforward-titled Slate article,  What Can You Learn About A Ballplayer By Looking at his Butt? , I simply had to post my latest Ballplayer Butt.  I could probably post A Butt A Day [hmm .. calendar idea] for the next three months, in fact.  Oh, the baggy butts I’ve drawn.  It’s an occupational hazard.  Back in the baggy-butted days of yore (let’s just say 1920, for the sake of argument), I doubt there was much you tell about a player by his butt.  Did they even CALL them butts back then?  Perhaps polite society referred to them as  “a gentleman’s haunches.”

Anyway, my point is… what could you tell from looking at these ballplayers’ butts?  As a student of the Baggy Butt Era…not a whole lot.

Butt seriously, folks… have an ass-tounding weekEND.


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