(Almost) Perfect! [Ernie Shore Wuz Robbed]

In all the recent hubbub about Galarraga’s Perfect Game That Wasn’t, I was reminded of the Ernie Shore almost-perfect game in 1917 (as one often is).  But his game got screwed up before he even threw a pitch.  Babe Ruth (then a pitcher for the Red Sox) started the game and walked the leadoff batter.  The Babe, subtle and measured in his response, like always,  took umbrage at the call, yelling and carrying on until the umpire ejected him (and his catcher) from the game… at which point he hauled back and punched the ump.  Exciting game so far, right? It got better! Enter Ernie Shore in the (extremely) long relief.  The runner on base was thrown out trying to steal, and Ernie proceeded to retire every single batter from there on in, 26 in a row.  Unfortunately, it takes 27 batters up, 27 down by one pitcher to call it a perfect game, so…tough noogies, Ern.

Anyway, here’s the poster for a sitcom I’m developing about the incident:

Bwaaamp-BWAMP! I envision the show as a series of vignettes of Babe Ruth ruining everything poor beleaguered Ernie tries to do.

P.S. After baseball Ernie (as I now apparently refer to him) became a sheriff in North Carolina for something like 35 years.  Just thought I should mention that, because it’s awesome.


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