Unicorns: The Ugly Truth [Late Breaking “News”]

BREAKING NEWS!  Meet the world’s first (?? zzz who cares..)  ill-tempered unicorn, Frank.

By way of contrast, here is your “standard-issue” unicorn.  Its name, naturally, is Sparkles.


-Sparkles the Unicorn, 2o1o

(Shudder. Gee, can you guess which unicorn I prefer?)



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4 responses to “Unicorns: The Ugly Truth [Late Breaking “News”]

  1. JimL

    My guess is the Unicorn with an attitude.

  2. amy

    Wait, i wonder what happened to Frank to turn him into that.

  3. tyrnyx

    Yes, Frank is indeed my unicorn of choice. He’s just annoyed…..maybe, like, Starbucks got his order wrong. The train is too crowded for him to get on. Something along those lines.

  4. Catol

    SPARKLES!!!!!!!! Ponies!!!!!1!!!!

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