Very Punny II [Electric Ugh-a-loo]

The totally necessary companion piece to Monday’s post:

Last week’s FRIDAY POLL results were…mixed.  A four-way tie!  The big fat loser was the Chicago Whales with 0% of the vote.  Suck it, Whales!  Now for today’s BRAND NEW FRIDAY POLL (I’m trying to make this a thing, can you tell?):



Filed under Catchphrase comics, sketchbook

4 responses to “Very Punny II [Electric Ugh-a-loo]

  1. Catol

    I vote you dedicate a post to/about yours truly and how great/cute I am.

  2. tyrnyx

    Hmm… I’ll take it under consideration.

  3. carlton

    Who is “Catol”? Is that some kind of dish detergent?

  4. Carol


    (HAHA i think i did that on my iphone with my fat fingers, therefore mispelling my name)

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