Brown-Bagged It! [For CM]

Today’s post is for my little sis, who done got grad-u-tatered from college.  Congrats, Grad!  You made it.  It now occurs to me that Brown Bag Piggie should really be sporting a mortarboard.  Alas.  Imagine it, won’t you?



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6 responses to “Brown-Bagged It! [For CM]

  1. tyrnyx

    Why hasn’t CM commented on this glorious tribute yet???

  2. CM

    OMG! I just saw this! Yay thanks!!! It’s my fave phrase!!!!!

  3. carlton

    The pig has escaped its poke.

  4. tyrnyx

    “Poke”? Ah, must be a quaint Southern-ism.

  5. carlton

    The scheme entailed the sale of a suckling pig in a poke (bag). The wriggling bag would actually contain a cat (not particularly prized as a source of meat) that was sold to the victim in an unopened bag. The French term acheter (un) chat en poche (to buy a cat in a bag) refers to an actual sale of this nature, as do many European equivalents, while the English expression refers to the appearance of the trick.[1]

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