Big Pippin’ [T-Shirt Week, Day Two]

As has been (exhaustively) documented here, I have a bit of a thing for Wally Pipp.  But there’s so much I don’t know about him.  For example, did he support women’s suffrage?  Dunno.  He looks pretty liberal, though, doesn’t he?

Um… don’t answer that.  Aaaand here’s the back:

What I do know about Wally Pipp is that he was actually a more-than-respectable player in his time, despite the fact that his name is now synonymous with losing one’s spot in the lineup/being replaced, etc.

Also, he’s in the Hall of Fame*, so take that, haters!

You can view (and get) your Pipp Appreciation T-Shirt here.

*The Dreamy Bone Structure Hall of Fame, as voted by a committee of Me.



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2 responses to “Big Pippin’ [T-Shirt Week, Day Two]

  1. Zachary J. Davies

    I’m a huge sports fan & fantasy baseball nerd. With the integration of the WAR (wins above replacement) stats, I changed my long-time team name to “Wally Pipp’s WAR.” Your artwork is amazing & I love your Wally Pipp “Big Pippin'” design, it’s perfect for the humorous concept of my team. However, I just purchased the t-shirt off of the linked web-site & my order was cancelled due to what I was told to be a copyright infringement? Can you help me get that shirt?! Please!! Once again, I absolutely love your work!!

    • tyrnyx

      Hi Zachary, I wish I could help you! I’m afraid I don’t actually have any of the t-shirts, Zazzle prints on-demand (at least, when thee design doesn’t break copyright rules..whoops!). Email me (lawless.molly AT and I can send you the images if you want to try getting it printed yourself. Thanks for the kind words about my work!

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