Never Forget [T-Shirt Week, Day Three]

It’s been a tough week for Cleveland, what with Harvey Pekar and LeBron making their (very different) exits over the course of the last several days.  Very sad.  Brings to mind (I know, this will be a shocker coming from me) another time when it was tough to be a Clevelander:  August, 1920, when the Indians’ star shortstop was beaned and killed in the middle of a pennant race.

And with that cheery flashback, I bring you today’s t-shirt, “The Chappie”:

And the back:

Yes, he died the next day, but was hit on August 16.  See it, buy it, love it HERE.



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2 responses to “Never Forget [T-Shirt Week, Day Three]

  1. Michael

    I’m reading Mike Sowell’s wonderful book about Mays and Chapman, and while googling more info, I came across this. Brilliant. And the graphic novel? Awesome idea!

  2. tyrnyx

    I know, isn’t that a fantastic book? The graphic novel will be done very soon, and out hopefully not too long after that (watch this space!). I’m always glad to hear of someone discovering the story.

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