Gray Eagle [T-Shirt Week Day Four]

All hail the once but no longer prematurely grey Tris Speaker!  Mr. Speaker, you are a pain in the butt to draw.  Keep in mind that I’ve drawn this mofo eleventy-hundred* times for my book and it’s barely gotten easier.  Damn your broken-nosey face!

It must be my conflicted feelings for him (because certainly it couldn’t possibly be a lack of ability on my part, right?  Don’t answer that) :  Is he sexy or ugly? (Both.) Was he a raging anti-Papist Klansman, or merely a product of his time and place? (Both.)  Was he a phenomenal player or an great manager? (Both.)  Was he an infielder or an outfielder? (Both, practically! [That was a “hilarious” “joke” about how shallow he played center.  LOLZ!])

And the back of the shirt.  I hesitated to use this quote, but it’s just too good.  And hey, it fits in with my general conflict re: Mr. Tristram “E.” Speaker (He made up the middle initial.  Wow, wouldn’t it be great if anyone who cared about this nonsense read my blog?  Sorry, readers!  Try not to pass out from boredom).  He was a smart guy, baseball-wise, but he also said this:

Oh, Spoke.  T-shirt is here.



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