Georgia Peach [T-Shirt Week, Day Five]

Oh, look, it’s the Georgia Peach himself.  What better way to end my week o’ deadball tees than with baseball’s all-time batting average king (.367, lifetime, in case you were wondering)?

Tyrus Raymond Cobb is my very favorite sociopath. (What, doesn’t everyone have one?)

Here’s the back:

In life he was scary and antisocial (due at least in part to his mother’s murder of his father); in death he was apparently a bit of a philanthropist — he invested well (got into Coca-Cola and automobiles early on and died SUPER rich) and left much of his money to build a hospital and start a scholarship fund.  Aw, who knew Ty could give you the warm fuzzies?  But, yeah, still a nut.  Get your tee HERE. Eventually I’ll add a store link to the sidebar so y’alls can look at all my crazy tee shirts at once.

See you next week with… well, I dunno yet.  Stuff.


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