Betty Draper [Mommy Dearest]

A new season of Mad Men is upon us, and I finally watched the first episode.  Betty Draper is driving me NUTS, yo!  Apparently I am a masochist, because I then had to draw her.  Just working out some issues, folks.  It didn’t really help.

Okay, maybe that helped a tiny bit.

Apologies to those who don’t watch the show, but she’s squatting in Don’s house with her new husband.  She’s also (and perhaps more importantly) a terrible, terrible mother.  Poor Sally!  These aren’t real people, you say?  Harrumph.  SAVE SALLY DRAPER!

Edited to add:  required viewing on the subject. Thanks, Carlton!


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One response to “Betty Draper [Mommy Dearest]

  1. carlton

    Her people are Nordic, you know.

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