Guiltosaurus Rex [Extinctified!]

“Oh, hey.  It’s just me, the dinosaur-formerly-known-as-Triceratops…

…I’ll just be fading from history now.  Naw, it’s cool…don’t get up…”

To be frank, Triceratops was never a favorite of mine.  I mean, it was okay …. but if anyone were to tell me that the Stegosaurus was a figment of some paleontologist’s imagination, well, let’s just say if you needed me, I’d be on a “oh my god my childhood was a lie” Bender To Remember.  Also, scientists, stay away from Schroeder from Peanuts, the Strawberry Shortcake gang, and the 1985-88 Boston Red Sox.  Because I don’t think I could survive more than one of those.

And on that note, have a glorious weekend.


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