Thumbgazing [Fresh-Baked Friday!]

I’m coming out, y’all. (Just keep scrolling down, it’s a longish one.)

If I had legions of fans [note: will never happen] I would command a crowdsourced silkscreened “DUH.” t-shirt to appear in my mailbox.  Then they would all wear replicas to pledge their allegiance.  I think I’m going to draw myself in it from now on.

Have a thoe-riffic weekend!

Brachydactyly yours,




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7 responses to “Thumbgazing [Fresh-Baked Friday!]

  1. Amy Lawless

    I’m concerned.

  2. Michelle

    I have to say, I became very fond of toe-thumb over the years. By far better than my newly acquired “elephant ankle”.

  3. sherry

    I love your thoe. Does anyone remember the thoe exhibit at the Science Museum?

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