Bounty [Frog and Owl, Day Forty-Two]

Happy Thanksgiving!

See you Monday for further hijinks.



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6 responses to “Bounty [Frog and Owl, Day Forty-Two]

  1. CM

    Love Owl’s hat!

  2. amy

    Owl’s is such a fashion forward bird. His choices rule my life.

  3. carlton

    This is exactly the meal that Molly is cooking right now.

  4. JimL

    I’m very impressed by the spread.

  5. Steve, the elder

    Hi, Molly, ordered tee (Georgia Peach) fave, super X large, only kidding, but zazzle said could not deliver because of some kind of copyright problem, going to refund, got to check on that, (memo to self and acct: Aunt Linda), I tried, and really would have liked it, thats all I know…”tupid uncle stevie) deleted zazzle reply by mistake, so can’t say much more, maybe a good idea to contact them, not sure of legalities, but maybe Carlton might have an opinion on copyrighting your art, or maybe he has already, only saying, I think it is unique, artistic and a great niche..your own style, treasure it….and protect it, free advise, “for what’s it worth” (Buffalo Springfield” attribution nowaday a biggy…Love Uncle Steve

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