Artisanal [Frog and Owl, Day Ninety-Five]

Inspired by a morning spent doodling at a cafe in Brooklyn this past weekend.  Actually, this comic was made in Brooklyn.  Look for it on t-shirts at Brooklyn Industries soon  (on opposite day).

My latte was gorgeous, it has to be said.  We had a brief, torrid affair.



Filed under Comics, sketchbook

4 responses to “Artisanal [Frog and Owl, Day Ninety-Five]

  1. sionclarke

    But there’s quiche lorraine in the background! Get the quiche too! And then get another one to admire.

  2. carlton

    Frog works smarter, not harder.

  3. The Cunctator

    Frog looks good in the apron. I feel like there’s a good one-panel version of this hiding somewhere as well

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