Role Playing [Frog and Owl, Day One Hundred]

ONE HUNDRED, people!  You know what that means?  “Frog and Owl” can go into syndication and make me truckloads o’ cash!  Oh, right…this is a comic strip, not a TV show.  One hundred means I’ve drawn one hundred of them.   Yay for triple-digit numbers!

Anyway, enjoy the Frog and Owl galas and Frog and/or Owl costumes you’re wearing and giant Frog and Owl-topped cakes you’re all doubtless gorging yourselves on tonight.  I am with you in spirit.  And thanks to all of you for reading, as always.  Without further ado, today’s comic:

Sigh…I know, I’m all about elevating the discourse.  Have a splendiferous weekend!



Filed under Comics, sketchbook

6 responses to “Role Playing [Frog and Owl, Day One Hundred]

  1. Jim

    Congrats on your milestone. Keep up the discourse.

  2. amy

    i knew frog was a republican. (HAHAHHAA j/k)

  3. The Cunctator

    Have to admit, when I moved to DC, I had a fantasy of having a torrid, angry, gin-soaked affair with a Republican.

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