Where [Frog and Owl, Day 177]

Uh…hey, guys.  Remember me?  And these guys?  Anyone still out there? WHEW.  Where has the time gone?  This baby isn’t terribly supportive of anything I want to do that doesn’t involve him directly, oddly enough.

“Hmmm…should I nap for more than 5 minutes in a row, thus affording my dear mother a moment to turn what’s left of her mind to those creative pursuits she holds so dear?   NAAHH!”

No set schedule on these yet, pending the new boss’s approval, but it’s good to be back!



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10 responses to “Where [Frog and Owl, Day 177]

  1. Wow, I just discovered Frog & Owl and I’m blown away. It’s amazingly funny and the art is downright awesome! I really like the whole look and style of your drawing. I’ll be back:)

  2. love the comic…. me and my boyfriend just got the book u printed and just wanted to say keep up the great and cute work. By the way …. we fell in love with the comic mostly because we are known to are friends and family as frog and owl….:)

  3. i was wondering is the comic modeled after u and your family?

    Frog and Owl

  4. sweet_h

    Oooh! I miss your comics.
    Please, come back soon! *)

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